The Five Commandments

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The Five Commandments

Post  Mr. Pearse on Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:28 pm

1. You must be a good writer. In order to function on this site, you need to be a smart and fluent writer. You should have a solid vocabulary and the wherewithal to use it, a good grasp of grammar and the proofreading skills to show it, and the power to make readers honestly, truly care about what you create. There are plenty of places to first learn how to write or role-play; this site isn’t one of them.

2. Show courteous posting habits. As a rule of thumb, respond within three days if your post is necessary for the thread to progress, five days if you’re one of several participants (but no one’s posting!). Don’t take a thread in a super crazy new direction without conferring with your fellow RPers first. Don’t invent dialogue for a member’s character without collaborating with the member, and when fighting, don’t dictate what happens to your opponent (i.e. describe what you do and where you attack; let your opponent tell you whether or not an attack is successful). Don’t become a Thanatos-style deus ex machina unless you’re supposed to be. If you demonstrate these bad habits, you should know it, and you’ll be contacted besides.

ADDENDUM, 7/14/10: After nearly half a year of operation, experience has suggested further clarification of this rule. After ten days of unresponsiveness (most usually in a situation in which character response is critical to thread advancement), other story participants reserve permission to "write" the offending member's actions and dialogue insofar as it will "get things moving again." This rule does not have to be exercised. If it is, all due effort should be made to collaborate with the character's original owner, and big changes should be kept to a minimum. Except under extraordinary circumstances, members regain full control should they post again. If too much time passes during unresponsiveness, the character may lapse into a permanent secondary. This length of time will be determined by administrators on a case-by-case basis.

3. Don’t post something other folks will be embarrassed to read. This is a pretty sophisticated site with plenty of college-aged members. Substance abuse, coarse language, and even some sexual content should be treated with little objection. However, a gratuitous amount of any of these things is a problem. If you have most of your readers blushing, something needs to change.

4. Admins are the Father, Mods are the Son, and I’m the Holy Ghost. Your administrators are here to make site decisions. Your moderators are here to scrutinize posts. I’m here because I wanted a site to role-play on, but I only wanted to deal with the hard stuff if I felt like it. Listen to these people and abide by their decisions.

5. Have fun. If you don’t have fun here, what’s the point of having joined? We’ve started this site in order to swap cooperative writing in a cozy, relaxed environment like a few of us did way back when. If there’s a decision (story-related or otherwise) that you disagree with, let somebody know. When someone has a lousy time here, it’s likely because someone else wasn’t doing their job. Remember, we’re all in this together.

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