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Character Sheet: Samuel Kircher

Post  Samuel Kircher on Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:04 am

Name: Samuel Kircher
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Occupation: Lawman

Description: Everything about Samuel Kircher's appearance makes the observer instantly think "soldier"...and they'd be right on the money. Samuel still can't shake the military gait and posture that was drilled into him, and his gunsteel blue eyes are ever awake and alert. His 6'2" frame does betray his love of the equine, with his stance being just a shade wider than your average man, the result of years spent in a saddle. His strawberry blonde hair is still kept relatively short, though not cut like a man of the regiment anymore, and he has allowed himself the freedom of a short beard that encircles his mouth and chin. His garb today is the standard fare of a man who favors comfort and practicality, and the ease of motion primary in importance to appearance, although he does keep his cowskin duster jacket from his days just before entering the Union Army.

Bio: Born the son of a second generation German Mennonite immigrant who's wife was lost giving birth to him, Samuel seemed to have been born to perform drill and ceremony. Samuel grew under the stern command of his religious father to be faithful first to his God, then to his own. His adolescent years were spent helping his father manage a Pony Express outpost in the expansive stretch of America that was Kansas, where he became an exceptional equestrian at a young age.

Samuel always believed in authority, and his unwavering obedience to any form of it quickly led him the way of the enlisted man when the War finally came to Kansas. Enlisting at 18 in the 7th U.S. Cavalry under Colonel Benteen, Samuel's keen focus on his orders and razor-sharp precision in the performance of his tasks quickly escalated him up the ranks, first to sergeant, then finally to 1st Lieutenant. He distinguished himself and his company at the Battle of Mine Creek, where he personally earned several medals of achievement and commendation.

However, shortly after the War came the rapid push out to the West, the country in search of its "Manifest Destiny". It was due to this philosophy that Kircher was forced to, oneday, order his company to "forcefully relocate" a settlement of Black Indians, resulting in the near extermination of the settlement. Although his superiors applauded his actions, the guilt of being the Natives' executioner haunted him, eventually leading him to a confrontation with his captain, whereupon he was court-martialed for insubordination and promptly discharged, but graciously not dishonorably so.

After his time in the Cavalry, Samuel wanted to forget his soldier life and moved out to the untamed New Mexico territory, where his ample military background made him the prime candidate to be the local lawman for a little town of 150 called Normen. Later on, when the well in Normen dried up and the town with it, Samuel packed his sack for Little Bethlehem, a somewhat prospering town that he had heard optimistic things about. He is under the employ of the sheriff there, as one of a few lawmen in the town. Here he hopes to forget his past completely (sometimes with the help of a few shots of whiskey), and possibly to atone for his inner guilt.

Combat Ability: Exceptional, in every sense of the word, be it on foot or horseback. Samuel's days in the Cavalry honed his prodigious affinity for the revolver and rifle, with his saber technique reportedly having been the best in the 7th Cavalry. Having stashed away his 1860 Light Cavalry Saber in his house, he now relies on his trio of firearms to keep himself and his town safe; first, a Colt Dragoon which he keeps from his officer days, and the famous Colt "Peacemaker", the most widely used revolver of the time. Recently, he has given up his old Henry rifle in favor of the new Winchester Model 1873. His Dragoon he wears on his right hip, while he conceals his Peacemaker in a shoulder holster under his right arm, where his left hand has access to it. He keeps his Winchester mainly holstered in his saddle, and has had seldom chance to use it.

Affinity: Technology. Samuel's intimate knowledge of firearms will eventually manifest itself into having an almost instinctual understanding of "unusual" technology, even where modern engineer's inquiries have failed. This ability will enable him to wield any weapon, be it man-made or otherwise.
Samuel Kircher
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