Character Sheet: Caleb H. deBenneville

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Character Sheet: Caleb H. deBenneville

Post  Rev. deBenneville on Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:18 pm

Name: Caleb Hiram deBenneville

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Occupation: Travelling Preacher/Evangelist

Description: Rev. deBenneville is a wiry man of medium height and tanned complexion. A slight olive tone to his skin indicates the French portion of his heritage. The Reverend’s black hair is wavy and unruly, but never quite wild. The years are beginning to show, as his temples have grayed and his face has grown lined from years in the sun. His hairline is interrupted on the left side by an old crescent shaped scar, smooth and dusty white. deBenneville’s eyes are pale blue, with the left one possessing a slightly darker grayish tint. The difference is hardly noticeable except under close inspection, but gives his gaze an unsettling quality. In terms of grooming, the Reverend shaves daily but takes no great care of his hair. He typically wears an old black suit under a brown duster, and rarely wears a hat.

Bio: Caleb deBenneville was born in 1837 in Goss Hollow, Vermont. He was the third son of a moderately prosperous family of farmers of mixed English and French descent. Caleb began his undergraduate studies at Harvard in 1854, majoring in theology. Though a promising student, he disliked what he perceived as a laxity in the theology of his professors. This led him to attend the more conservative Andover Theological Seminary for his graduate studies, and he attained a doctorate of ministry in 1861.
Having graduated in late May, Caleb returned to visit the family farm during the first major recruitment drives in Vermont. Convinced to volunteer by his brother Lucas, Caleb was attached to the 2nd Vermont Infantry as a chaplain. He took his role as spiritual advisor to his regiment seriously, but never fired a shot in anger in the nearly four years the regiment spent on campaign attached to or associated with the Army of the Potomac. This was partly due to a sense of pacifism but mostly due to his terrible aim.
After mustering out in June 1865, Caleb returned to his home state and began to minister to a small church in St. Johnsbury. This state of affairs continued for two years, during which Caleb became a respected member of the community. Unfortunately, when tending to members of his flock at their farm, a hunting rifle fired by a youngster spooked a horse near Caleb. Caleb was struck on the left side of the head by a kick from the crazed horse’s rear leg, and fell into a coma. When he awoke a week later, he was a changed man. He began to grow distant and neglected all aspects of his ministry except for preaching. His theology became loose and often difficult to follow. After two months of deterioration, the Reverend left St. Johnsbury, saying that God was calling him west.
Little is known about the Reverend’s activities in the following seven years. He drifted westward, supporting himself by preaching at tent revivals and small churches. The sermons and services began to acquire a focus on the healing power of faith and the removal of demonic influences. The only constant factor is his certainty that God has great plans for the West.

Combat Ability: Rev. deBenneville is unfamiliar with the use of most weapons more complicated than a club. His wiry frame is capable of surprising strength when riled, and the Reverend fights mean and dirty with his fists and any available bludgeons. His hand to hand fighting style is wild, and its strength increases the more detached from reality he becomes.

Affinity: Magic. Rev. deBenneville’s theology places great value on spiritual cleansing and healing. As he has wandered, he has become increasingly convinced God is granting him the power to heal bodies and spirits. At first he was merely deluded into thinking his “flock” was healed. The further he travels into the west, the more reality begins to resemble his perceptions. These new powers do heal, but they are also extremely painful for the recipient.

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Re: Character Sheet: Caleb H. deBenneville

Post  Mr. Pearse on Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:22 am

Hey Rev; I hope you haven't taken the lack of comments on your character sheet as an indication that no one's read it! The character is intriguing: what happened after the knock on the head, and why are deBenneville's powers marked by such dark consequences? Furthermore, as deBenneville's abilities develop, just how sinister are they going to get? Great questions to consider, and a great character to join our cast.

Seth had spoken to me about screening you. Hopefully he'll be getting that going asap.
Mr. Pearse
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