Secondary Character: Woodrow M. Millard

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Secondary Character: Woodrow M. Millard

Post  Ethan Ramey on Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:52 am

Name: Woodrow M. Millard
Gender: Male
Age: 64
Occupation: Sheriff of Santa Anna

Description: Woodrow is a tall man with long handlebars adorning his mouth. He doesn't wear a sheriff's star, although he keeps one somewhere on his person. He constantly squints. Many consider this expression to be a glower, but it is actually an attempt to observe and discern, and a constant turning of wheels inside the head.

Woodrow's brother is Andrew Millard, who works with him in enforcing the law in Santa Anna. In the same occupation is Dusty Magoon, an Irishman who gives the drinking Irish stereotype a good poster boy. Woodrow and Andrew are close, but given the choice, Woodrow always takes his deputy, Two Cents, to accompany him on any given job. Two Cents and the sheriff have been inseparable as far back as anyone can remember, although they're different as night and day. Still, the two seem to be able to read one another's minds, acting quickly in situations without the need to discuss a plan beforehand.

Combat Ability: Fairly straightforward, much as his character. He's as likely to win a duel as he is to talk a potential duelist out of it before it comes to term.

Affinity: None.

Note: Woodrow M. Millard is confirmed dead, but should he somehow work his way into future writing, I would prefer to be the one to write him. However, if he's needed elsewhere, extensive collaboration with me should do fine.
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