Secondary Character: Enna Bates

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Secondary Character: Enna Bates

Post  Jessamine Blake on Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:02 pm

Name: Enna Margaret Bates

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Occupation: wife of Thomas Bates, active church member

Description: Enna is unremarkable in appearance. Her face is rotund, with a pointed little chin that gives her an oddly stubborn look. Her hair is a nondescript blonde, often called "dirty dishwater blonde," and her eyes are blue. She is slight, pale, and all curves. That is not to say that she is voluptuous in any way, but more that she has absolutely no sharp edges; even her elbows seem rounded off somehow. She is modest and somber in her dress and manners, the model frontier lady. She is also devoted to her husband, and hospitable to strangers.

There are indications that Enna is not merely a docile housewife, however. For one, she continues to be cordial to and even associate with the women of Jessamine's whorehouse, when all the other respectable women of the town go out of their way to avoid it.

Bio: Enna Bates' life up to the taking of Santa Anna was as unremarkable as her person. She was born to a respectable man and woman on a farm in the New Mexico territory. She grew up there, met Thomas Bates when she was fifteen and married him when she was seventeen. They moved on from her parents' farm despite her father's wish that they stay near, to find their own prospects, and settled in Santa Anna. Enna knows how to help run a farm but now spends her time in keeping the house for Thomas, who works their small holding with the help of a few hired hands.

Combat Ability: Enna is brave and knows how to deal with people, but she has had no experience with fighting and would likely be ineffective in such a situation.

Affinity: Technology.

Usage: I would prefer that anyone who writes Enna confer with me a little, as I have a definite direction in which I wish to take her character. However, minor actions and dialogue, as long as they line up with what we've seen of her character so far, are fine.

"[These]...settlers are churlish types who are accustomed to live apart from each other, as neither fathers nor sons associate with each other."
--Fermín de Mendinueta, Governor of the New Mexico Territory, c. 1776.
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