Secondary Character: Colette Sullivan

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Secondary Character: Colette Sullivan

Post  Seth Ruggeri on Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:05 am

Name: Colette Sullivan

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Occupation: Loveable Scamp

Description: Colette stands at an unimpressive 5’ in height. Despite her short stature, she has no difficulty making her presence known to those around her. Colette’s choice of attire is typically comprised of a bawdy orange dress and a matching taffeta derby. Her blonde hair falls to about shoulder length but is usually kept tied or in a bun. A pair of resolute green eyes is always prepared to stare down anyone who has the misfortune of making her cross. A rather thick New England accent hangs on her every word, often to the displeasure of those around her.

Bio: With a plucky attitude and stars in her eyes, Colette left home at the age of 18. The young Ms. Sullivan abandoned her monotonous and sheltered life in the upper crust society of New England and decided to seek fame and fortune in frontier country. Unfortunately, her journey to the west has been met with a number of snags along the way. Upon her arrival in the New Mexico territory, Colette had already lost most of the money she had brought with her via a mix of frivolous spending and snake-oil salesmen pawning everything from aqua vitae to creams that would prevent crows feet.

In order to continue funding her trip, Colette has taken on a number of jobs, none of which she seems to keep for very long. Thus far, she has tried her hand at being a barmaid, a nurse, a ranch hand, a bank clerk, a door-to-door saleswoman, and even an actress in a small-time theater group. Rumor even has it that Colette has also moonlighted as a hooker on more than one occasion in different towns but she denies such claims, often violently.

Whatever job she takes on, she tries her utmost to do the best she can. Sadly, fate seems to be in the habit of getting in the way of her dreams of a happy, glamorous life out in frontier country. Ever determined, the feisty young girl from New England continues to seek out her dreams of grandeur in the west, despite the cloud of misfortune that seems to accompany her along the way.

Combat Ability: Despite her appearance, Colette is surprisingly scrappy. When in a jam or quick fix, she can throw fisticuffs on par with the best pugilists. While she is by no means an expert marksman, Colette has been known to attempt to wield a wide variety of guns during her travels. Thus far, she has yet to hit any mark she threatens to “turn into a bloody stump” but who knows, maybe she’ll get lucky one day.

Affinity: None.

I had originally intended to use this character for screening new members. I was going to have her at a different location and job with each new screening. Given our recent revision to the screening process, my original use for the character has become moot; however, I still plan to use her for some vignettes and short stories. I don’t mind if anyone writes the character however I do ask that you confirm it with me first.

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Re: Secondary Character: Colette Sullivan

Post  Jessamine Blake on Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:54 am

Well, you've kind of stepped on the toes of a character's background story that I had yet to reveal, but no matter.

I would suggest a quick spell-check (through fisticuffs?).

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