Secondary Character: Jeremiah

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Secondary Character: Jeremiah

Post  Allie Johnson on Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:32 am

Name: Jeremiah
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Occupation: Pearse's liaison in Santa Anna
Description: straight hair bleached by the sun to a fragile blonde. Brown eyes. Young face with an innocent kind of look that hangs in the wideness of his eyes and way the corners of his mouth turn down when he's concentrating on something. He's been blessed with an even head and a soft temperament. Of average height for his age and a bit lanky. Generally wears a simple button-up shirt (his favorite is an old cornflower blue one) underneath the west's standard clothing: a banal leather jacket (very cheap). He's saving up to buy a hat.
Bio: Jeremiah left home to strike out on his own and find adventure and success when he was fourteen. His mother cried when he left and his father shook his hand firmly and told him to write back home occasionally ("for yer mother..."). He left four siblings that day. The oldest was a boy only a year younger than he and would also leave in a year or two. The youngest was also the only girl. She was shy and rarely spoke to anyone outside the family, even if she didn't know very many words yet. They lived in a small house on the edge of town. They were very poor farmers without claim to much except land.

Shortly after he left, Jeremiah ran into Mr. Pearse. Through either luck or some work of the Divine, the boy was accepted into the ranks of Mr. Pearse's hired men. He was decent with a gun (although the recoil still shook him a little), and he was unwaveringly loyal and respectful. He will always be thankful to his boss for giving him the chance in the first place.

Jeremiah was with Mr. Pearse in the battle around Ethan Ramey's house, and has now been left in charge of Santa Anna and all the survivors filtering into it from Little Bethlehem.
Affinity: Magic. His farmer's life was amplified during the blast from Little Bethlehem. Life and health radiate from him, and he seems to have a particular knack for getting plants to grow in a fast way with larger and more produce. Eventually he will figure out that he can include people in his talents, healing them faster than normal with simple applications of medicine or giving them ease of mind just through a touch. **As of yet, I'm not sure how far his 'healing' will progress as a talent. I suppose it will just have to fit the storyline.


As far as using him, I'd prefer to write him. However, if you have something spectacular in mind and you've just got to be able to use Jeremiah, shoot me a pm and we'll talk about it.
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