Broken Badlands Chronology

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Broken Badlands Chronology

Post  Mr. Pearse on Tue Oct 19, 2010 5:35 pm

I've realized we have enough threads now that things could get confusing for any newcomers trying to work their way through our tale. Below is a list of threads so far, ordered chronologically. "T +0" denotes the initial explosion at Little Bethlehem, a pretty landmark event in the overall narrative. All measurement in days elapsed.

Big Trouble in Little Bethlehem: T -3 through T +0

Hospitality and Hostility: T -2 through T +1

Dictus Lege Dei: T +0

O, Town of Little Bethlehem: T +0 through T +1

Ground Zero: T +3 through ?

In the Coyote's Den: T +3 through ?

Something Blue: T +3 through ?
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