Secondary Character: The Indian

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Secondary Character: The Indian

Post  Mr. Pearse on Thu May 27, 2010 3:13 am

Name: ?
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Occupation: Mr. Pearse's Right Hand

Description: The Indian looms a towering 6'4, his width no less impressive than his height. His limbs are like small tree trunks, and his whole body ripples with coiled strength. For all this, he is remarkably light on his feet, his movements more akin to a cat than a bear. His skin is a deep brownish-red, and his wild, shoulder-length hair is a jet black. The Indian's long, ovular face and jutting nose are marred by countless scars, and it is impossible to ascertain his age. His brown eyes often seem lifeless and inert, and rarely seem to focus on anything in particular. That said, there is something unsettlingly docile about his gaze, particularly given the intensity - and frequency - of the violence he commits.

The warrior's hulking form is robed by interlaced layers of hides and skins. Most of the garment is a faded brown, but it is hardly uniform in color; dozens of individual hides are still distinguishable, each with their own unhappy story. The Indian's clothing is dotted with the ridges and sharp points of bleached animal bones, adding ornament (and functional spikes) to the brave's attire. All told, the Indian's clothing must weigh between four and five stone. He does not seem to mind.

Although he can respond readily to spoken words, he makes no attempt at language himself. The reason for this has yet to be determined.

Bio: The Indian's background remains a mystery. What is known, however, is that he is boundlessly loyal to Mr. Pearse, and is never far from the Irishman's side. Some claim that Pearse rescued the Indian from captivity, while others reckon he forced the warrior into it. Both rumors are false, but both carry a grain of truth.

Regardless, when the Indian casts his gaze toward Pearse, there is neither love nor hate in his eyes. Only simple expectation.

Combat Ability: The Indian is very good at killing. A high-caliber Whitworth Rifle is slung across his back, while a Single Action Army is stashed within the folds of his garment. His weapon of choice remains the Bowie Knife, its jagged blade the better part of two feet in length. The knife hangs loose from the warrior's belt, and by the look of it, it has been no stranger to bloodshed.

Affinity: Unknown. The Indian has shown no traces of the transformation that has taken hold of many of the Territory's protagonists. That said, he will likely grow to be profoundly affected as the Territory's changes become more apparent. The question, of course, is "how."

Note: The Indian is Pearse's right hand, in a very literal sense. Feel free to write him, but understand (as you've probably gathered from this character sheet) that much of what makes him an autonomous human being seems to have gone missing.

Thanks to Jessamine for getting the ball rolling on these.
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