Secondary Character: Bloomer

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Secondary Character: Bloomer

Post  Ethan Ramey on Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:34 am

Name: Bloomer
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Occupation: Boxy bank clerk, Dead Man

Description: Bloomer is a loud, outspoken, stuttering, hotheaded, unreasonable, sweaty, half-big, half-fancy, usually drunk, boxy little man. He talks a lot, and no one really likes him.

Combat Ability: He can fire a shot, but he's more likely to be hiding in combat rather than fighting.

Affinity: Absolutely none.

Note: Seeing as Bloomer is dead, I would really prefer that no one write him. However, if he is ever miraculously revived, or, more realistically, if we ever prequel-ize a thread, anyone can be free to write Bloomer. This should be done with much collaboration with me, or with changes aplenty expected.
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