Secondary Character: Two Cents

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Secondary Character: Two Cents

Post  Ethan Ramey on Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:16 pm

Name: George States, although everyone knows him as Two Cents
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Occupation: Deputy of Santa Anna

Description: Very few people know Two Cents by his real name, and those that do never use it. Where is nickname comes from is a mystery likely never to be solved.

He is the best friend of Woodrow M. Millard, and the two work together without the need to exchange words, which Two Cents likes. When speaking, he often can't find a way to say what he intends to say unless he riddles it with vulgarities, something his child's mother was afraid would rub off on his son. Who she is or where she is now is a mystery, but it's apparent that her fears were fully and irrevocably realized.

Two Cents isn't an attractive man in the slightest. He looks younger than his age, but his constantly clean-shaven face is rugged and wild, much like the territory he helps police. He does everything with efficiency, even smoking cigars, which he always makes a point to do while he can keep otherwise busy. No one has ever seen him resting or relaxing, and he has yet to visit the whorehouse in Santa Anna in all of his years. He makes light of tough situations, and it would require nothing short of Biblical magic to figure out what's going on in his head at any given time.

Combat Ability: He has no favored weapon, but he seems equally proficient with any revolver or rifle he's handed. He's also broken up a few barroom brawls by himself. Many of these, of course, were started by Dusty.

Affinity: None.

Note: Two Cents is one of my personal favorite characters and, as such, would require collaboration on the smallest of use. Any dialogue must be done by me, and any actions must be run by me. As I stated with a previous character: he is mine, and you can't have him.
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Re: Secondary Character: Two Cents

Post  Mr. Pearse on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:58 pm

I hadn't checked this section in awhile, so I was surprised to see that its size had effectively doubled. Great job all around; given that you still took the time to devote this much time to the dead and departed, I conclude that you are either a) planning some mean vignettes b) ocd or c) both. I feel particularly bad about the fate of the sheriffs' gang, since I wouldn't have killed them quite so callously if I knew they each had their own backstory and personality in store.

Of course, I hear tell (literally - it's been said like three times in the story so far) that Two Cents won't be taking those deaths sitting down...
Mr. Pearse
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